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We are a team of young professionals committed to teamwork and a consensus-based building style throughout the development of our projects. Our methodology focuses on interactive, hands-on workshops with the client. Adherence to client program, budget and schedule are standard procedures of our practice. We frequently engage projects where time and budget, are the prime concerns of our clients. We undertake each project on an individual basis, with careful consideration of the aspirations of the client, traditions of landscape design, needs of the users and unique richness of the site. Each of our completed works has a unique visual identity, spatial richness and legibility through simplicity well suited to its purpose, contexts and budget.

A finely designed and crafted personal environment is not only an expression of aesthetic sensibility – it enhances and restores wellbeing and harmony. By partnering with our clients and exploring new ways to think about what is beautiful and functional, we are able to create buildings that reflect an authentic sense of identity while remaining respectful to natural settings.

Mr. Nrupesh Shah

Managing Director | Architect

Mr. Nrupesh Shah is the founder of Axis Architect. His design solutions are thoughtful and inventive with a strong emphasis on the integration of space, light and nature. His passion for design along with his attention to detail, proportions and scale, ensures comfortable, efficient and elegant spaces.

Design Philosophy

We believe that good architecture is not about fancy materials or arbitrary forms. Instead, it is all about finding the best and most efficient way to meet the needs of the structure in an extraordinary way. Our approach is to synthesize meaningful forms and systems in such a way as to create an architecture that is responsive to the site, climate, budget and the client’s needs.


To become a leading architectural firm in Creative Design solutions in Ahmedabad. To create unique projects of architectural excellence whose authenticity is expressed in each aspect of the aesthetics of the building and it’s practicality.


We connect expertise across services, markets, and geographies to deliver transformative outcomes. Worldwide, we design, build, finance, operate and manage projects and programs that unlock opportunities, protect our environment and improve people’s lives.